The Practice

My clients come from all walks of life. Most are referred by friends, family members, or lawyers that know me. Every one of their cases is unique, because they are unlike anyone else.

Over the years, I have concentrated on criminal defense in serious felony cases. This has included the entire gamut of charges –First Degree Murder, Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Drug Trafficking, Fraud, Identity Theft, Perjury, and any other offense where my client faces loss of liberty.

Student-lead protest against gun violence in Hemming Plaza, March 24, 2018

Recent events have sadly seen many citizens deprived of their civil rights by the overreaching of government agents. Protected activity like free speech, peaceful assembly, public protest, and even voting is seemingly under attack. As a citizen and a lawyer, I feel a duty to respond by taking on these cases. My practice is expanding to include claims of false arrest, excessive force, and the denial of civil rights under color of law.

These cases demand a close working relationship with my client. You have a right to participate in your case, and the Sixth Amendment protects our relationship by making all of our private conversations privileged and confidential. This is why we meet and converse without others being present, so that our discussions will always be protected. When we have a confidential attorney-client conversation, neither one of us can ever be forced to reveal what was said. Thanks to the Constitution and the Florida Bar Rules of Professional Conduct, we can speak candidly and openly about your case and your concerns, and have a trusting confidential relationship. Without your consent, the lawyer cannot reveal anything learned in confidence from the client, and carries the client’s secrets to the grave. In a real sense, I keep secrets for a living.